Griego - Toby Oft (Griego-Oft Omega Lamda Series) Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces

Toby Oft's classic mouthpiece line started from using the rim he had used for quite a while, and figuring out what cup depth gave him the ability to color the notes appropriately while maintaining his sound presence in the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The mouthpiece uses the light artist blank and has a medium depth cup. The Classic line uses larger throats than the newer Oft line

Griego-Oft Omega Lamda Series

The lambda series “λ” is the result of a 2 year project between Toby Oft and Christan Griego. Each model of the λ series has been tried and rigorously tested in the full range of solo and orchestral repertoire at the highest level. The priority of the λ series is to maintain a rich full sound in all tessitura that particularly soars in the upper register with easy, and especially clear articulation at all dynamic levels.

Griego Ωft λ 3.5

The λ 3.5 is the largest of the λ series. Although it does still grant easy access to the full range of the instrument, it excels in the low register with a rich full sound.

Cup Diameter: 1.030"
Throat: .264"
Griego Ωft λ 4

The λ 4 is slightly larger in diameter than the λ 4.5 and offers similar distinctive sound qualities and easy access to the extremes of upper and low registers. Because it is slightly larger than the λ 4.5 it does tend to blend more into the low brass ensemble texture.

Cup Diameter: 1.020"
Throat: .264"
Griego Ωft λ 4.5

The λ 4.5 is what Toby Oft primarily uses as Principal Trombone of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It thrives with a distinctive full sound throughout all registers and dynamics.

Cup Diameter: 1.012"
Throat: .264"
Griego Ωft λ 5

The  λ 5 is well suited for upper register excerpts and solo repertoire.

Cup Diameter: 1.004"
Throat: .264"
Griego Ωft α 11 Alto

This alto trombone mouthpiece is perfect for solos and orchestral repertoire from the late Classical and early Romantic era like Beethoven, Mozart, and Albrechtsburger. With effortless but expressive articulation similar in quality to the oboe, this will produce a sound that floats easily above the low brass in any tessitura.

Cup Diameter: 1.004"
Throat: .226"

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