Griego - Classic Small Bore (Steve Wiest Model) Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece (Silver Plated)

Smaller bored instruments can pose problems for players in search of the perfect mouthpiece. That is why it's important to match the mouthpiece to the instrument. From vintage Kings to European altos to newer modular horns, Griego can find the perfect mouthpiece for your small bore needs.

The Steve Wiest Model is a true lead mouthpiece that allows you to play in the upper register while making it feel like you are playing in the middle register. Need to let the trumpet players know what's up? This is your weapon of choice.

About Griego

Griego Mouthpieces designs and manufactures a complete line of authentic, inspired, performance equipment for orchestral, commercial and jazz musicians. They are a family-owned company committed to designing and producing the best equipment imaginable.

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