Selmer Paris - Model 19A Eb Alto Clarinet

19A E-flat Alto Clarinet. Silver plated keys (AO)

The alto clarinet in Eb differs from other clarinets in its curved metal neck and bell, much like the basset horn.

It is a much sought after instrument and is particularly appreciated in chamber music.


Key : E-flat.
Bore Ø: 17mm
Pitch: 442.
Tessitura: Down to low Eb
Silver plated nickel silver neck, adjustable for tuning
Silver plated bell
System: Boehm (18 keys)
Body in grenadilla wood.
Keywork: silver-plated.
Adjustable stand. Leather pads.
Stainless steel springs.

- Standard C* E-flat Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece Silver plated
- E-flat Alto Clarinet Light Case
- Adjustable stand

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