S.E. Shires - George Curran Artist Model Bass Trombone with Axial Flow F/Gb Attachment

S.E. Shires Artist Model Trombones

Over the years, Steve Shires has had the privilege of working with some of the world's top brass players to design instruments. Our Artist Models allow you to purchase these same custom configurations for yourself.

George Curran Artist Model Bass Trombone with Axial Flow F/Gb Attachment

The George Curran Artist Model bass trombone has developed over the course of the artist's long relationship with Stephen Shires and S.E. Shires instruments. The two-piece, standard weight yellow brass bell produces a warm sound with a prominent fundamental harmonic, combining quick response with a centered feel and expansive tone.

The lightweight axial-flow valve set sounds and feels particularly broad and even-especially when both valves are engaged-allowing for a truly open low register and contributing to the instrument's quick, easy response. This model represents an ideal realization of the heroic New York low brass sound.

Specs & Features

GC Bell: 9.5-inch, two-piece, hand-hammered, custom-annealed "BII" taper in standard weight yellow brass with traditionally brazed seam and soldered bead

Independent, S.E. Shires F/Gâ™­ axial-flow valves set in a lightweight valve section

BYC Tuning Slide: "C" taper, drawn yellow brass

B62-78 dual-bore Handslide: .562-.578-inch, standard-weight yellow brass; nickel-silver wide crook

Three interchangeable yellow-brass leadpipes

Bell Engraving: S.E. Shires George Curran model custom engraving

Includes S.E. Shires bass trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit

S.E. Shires trombones are available with a variety of options for bells, leadpipes, and tuning slides. The models listed above feature our most popular combinations. For more information about customizing a trombone and Custom Series pricing, please contact us by phone at +65 8688 2388, or email atinfo@musicelements.com.sg.

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