Miraphone - TU38 Tuba Mouthpiece

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Located in Waldkraiburg, Germany, Miraphone builds fine tubas and other brass instruments, and also offers a complete line of tuba mouthpieces.  These are made for Miraphone in Germany by noted mouthpiece maker Josef Klier.  This size list goes mostly from small to large.  Mostly.  Comments are included where possible.  There is little information available about some of these sizes.  The ""TU"" numbering system is fairly new.  Some mouthpiece sizes were previously available using an earlier numbering system.  These numbers are shown in the second column if available.  Made in Germany.  Made of silver plated brass unless noted.



  • Model: TU38
  • Cup form: deep
  • Cup inner diameter: 32,0 mm (1,260")
  • Cup outer diameter: 47,4 mm (1,866")
  • Cup depth: 45,8 mm (1,803")
  • Bore mouthpiece: 8,6 mm (0,339")
  • Finish: silver plated
  • Instrument: tuba
  • Shank size: 13,5 mm (0.531")

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