Malletech - New Orchestral Series Glockenspiel Mallets

In the 1980s professional percussionists from the two major New York City orchestras listened to almost 40 different head types.  Four 1-1/8 models, OR39 (brown), OR42 (tan), OR45 (white) and OR48 (black) were selected as having the most frequent application to the major orchestral keyboard parts of the late 19th and 20th centuries. They are still found in the mallet bags of many professional percussionists.    

Today there is a demand for models targeted for very specific excerpts, as well as a movement toward lighter, smaller heads for certain applications.  There is no greater expert on orchestral keyboard repertoire than William James, principal percussionist of the St. Louis Symphony. Will has expanded the original OR line into a vast selection of sounds and tone colors, with many different materials, weights, sizes and handle types. Of course our new orchestral rosewood mallets are made from the same genuine Honduran Rosewood as our marimba and xylophone bars (no imitations!). Malletech makes history again with three different levels of fiberglass handle flexibility on the Mini-Glock models:  Black, Red and White – expertly paired to the weight of the mallet head.


  • 7/8" Soapy Black Ball
  • Black fiberglass shaft
  • An extremely warm and full-sounding mallet, perfect for Don Juan and other passages to be trilled or rolled. The perfect balance of soft articulation and presence.
  • Suggested Rep: Don Juan


  • 1/2" Black Plastic Ball
  • Black fiberglass shaft
  • The perfect mallet for Magic Flute. Very articulate with a fullness of sound lacking in other Magic Flute mallets.
  • Suggested Rep: Magic Flute


  • 7/8" Grey Ball
  • Red fiberglass shaft
  • A small, articulate mallet representing the perfect balance of articulation and warmth.
  • Suggested Rep: La Mer, Petrouchka waltz


  • 7/8" White Ball
  • Red fiberglass shaft
  • A small, yet extremely articulate mallet useful for intimate musical applications.
  • Suggested Rep: Glazunov Violin Concerto, La Mer, Feste Romane (waltz)


  • 1" Orange Ball
  • Red fiberglass shaft
  • A warm option with plenty of size and presence. A great audition mallet to prevent loud passages from sounding harsh.
  • Suggested Rep: La Mer, Don Juan, Sorcerer’s Apprentice


  • 1" Black Plastic with Insert
  • White fiberblass shaft
  • A full-sounding mallet with lots of articulation, yet still on the light end of the spectrum. The perfect mallet for Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
  • Suggested Rep: Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Don Juan, Russian Easter Overture


  • 7/8" Aluminium Ball
  • Rattan shaft
  • A bigger sound than the OR-G58 but without heaviness. For tutti passages that need to cut through the orchestra. The aluminum is softer than brass, and won’t pit or dent your glockenspiel.
  • Suggested Rep: Sorcerer’s Apprentice

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