Malletech - eMotion Vibraphone Mallets


  • EM-SV: Soft
  • EM-HV: Hard

The computer-wound marimba and vibe models use a newly developed, custom-made, high-tech yarn that will give you longer service with
better sound than anything you have used before.

Same Weight, Safe Weight
Malletech’s revolutionary design and construction produce a full line of marimba and vibe mallets that have the same wieght and feel throughout the whole line. Graduated or mixed sets feel natural and comfortable and there is virtually no adjustment in technique needed when switching from xtra-soft to xtra-hard. We’re right in the pocket between the “can’t play  accurately/ridiculously heavy” and the “just need a little more weight/oomph” models.

Multi-Toned & “OT”
Most hard “marching mallets” can’t play sweet & the sweet ones can’t play mean & loud. Our mallets have a much more complex construction and therefore produce a much richer tone and varied response to your touch. Harder models include our “Overdrive Technology” … when you need extra volume, these mallets step up to the plate and hit a home run for you.

Double Color-Coded
You can put your mallets in the bag handles or heads first and still see the color coding for quick changes. Both the heads and handle tips are color-coded.

“Use them or lose them.” The grips can be used by those players who like to hold on to a bigger diameter padded handle, or those who want a “click-free” covering for cross-stick grips.

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