Yamaha - YCH-7018 - Chimes

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Rich fundamental tones, long sustain, and wide dynamic range provide the power needed to stand out in large ensembles. Height adjustable casters allow damper contact to be optimized to bring out the maximum sustain of the chime tubes.

Please refer to table below for specs.


Head Cap

The head cap design provides richer fundamental tone, pitch definitions, and longer sustain. It also brings a wider sweet spot so it is easier to produce optimum tone. The head caps are silver colored, contrasting nicely with the gold-colored tubes for easier visual reference.

Damper Rod Clamp System

The damper rod clamp system has been redesigned for greater clamping strength and a more secure hold that prevents slippage when the damper pedal is pressed.

Damper Function

By aligning damper movement with the front-to-back motion of the chime tubes when struck, damping response has been notably improved. It is now easier to stop the extended sustain of the chime tubes at the most musically appropriate time.


A swivel prevention function has been added to the caster locks.

Flexible Tube Adjustment

A full complement of damper holes is provided in the sharp/flat chime tube row, allowing any arrangement of chime tubes to be used. All available spaces can be used for a total of 21 tubes, if desired. Complete layout freedom is provided even when special-order chime tubes are used, since the position of the low C tube is not predetermined.

Note: The natural-note row of the YCH7018 does not provide sufficient height for longer chime tubes such as the YCHT7049A YCH7050A#, and YCHT7051B, so those tubes should be hung on the sharp/flat row or on a separate YCHS7006 stand.


Range C52-F69, 1 1/2 octaves
Tube Material Brass
Tube Finish Clear lacquer coating
Tube Diameter 38.1mm
Pitch A=442Hz
Dimensions 81 x 71 x 177~181cm
Weight 85kg
Accessories Dust cover (1pc), YCHM38P (2pcs)

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