JodyJazz - Hand-Hammered HH Limited Edition Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece With Power Ring Bundle (Rose Gold)

Big Beautiful Saxophone Sound

From a whisper to a roar, The JodyJazz HH Tenor is going to delight you and your audience with its range of expressions and the ease with which it achieves that variety of sound.

Not too Bright Not Too Dark

Our goal in designing the HH Tenor was to make a saxophone mouthpiece that would appeal to the majority of players because of where it sits in the tonal spectrum. If you play traditional Jazz and ballads, you will love this piece and if you play more contemporary music requiring a brighter sound and more volume you can love this piece also. It is not the brightest or darkest mouthpiece, but it is in the middle where most players find it perfect.

Where Sound Meets Art

Hand-Hammered Brass combined with Rose Gold plating has created a work of art that sounds as exquisite as it looks. Available in a limited edition run of 300 Numbered pieces in the special Rose Gold plating, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jody Espina

What is Hand-Hammering?

Hand-Hammering is the ancient art of working brass and bronze alloys to manipulate their sonic characteristics which cymbal makers have been using for centuries. Hand-Hammered cymbals are renown and much prized for their dark, complex, rich, and warm overtones. Hand-Hammering when applied to the brass blanks from which the mouthpieces are made, compresses the brass and makes it stronger. The harder the material, the easier it rings out and sustains. You need less energy to get it to resonate than a softer, un-hammered piece of brass. This results in a sweeter sounding mouthpiece with uniquely warm and complex tonal characteristics.

In order to bring this idea to life, we sought out one of the world's foremost experts in the art of Hand-Hammering. With over 30 years of experience at one of the world's largest cymbal companies, Paul Francis has designed some of the most famous and highly coveted cymbals ever created. Paul was able to apply the many hammering techniques he had learned and developed during his more than 3 decades of making cymbals, to the hammering of the mouthpiece blanks. Considered one of the top master cymbal artisans in the world, Paul is currently making cymbals under his own Cymbal Craftsmans' brand.

The Result

Unmatched fullness and bottom with easy power and sweet subtones make the HH the best mouthpiece that we have ever made. It's our sincerest wish that the HH helps you achieve your highest form of musical expression.

What is the HH Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece?

The JodyJazz Hand-Hammered plays effortlessly and delivers the sound that you desire in the moment. It is our fullest sounding mouthpiece with the most bottom we have ever achieved. The HH is the heaviest tenor sax mouthpiece that you have ever felt. This massive amount of material adds weight to the sound. Yet the mouthpiece can play the most delicate, fast and nimble passages because the brass is vibrating so feely. Finally, twenty-two years of experiments and experience have gone into making the facing curve of the HH. This results in the reed being able to vibrate at an optimum rate in every register of the saxophone delivering a uniformity of tone that is unmatched.

The Patch Bay

The HH Tenor models feature another design innovation which JodyJazz is calling the Patch Bay. This is a recessed, shallow basin in the beak of the mouthpiece that allows for the easy and comfortable placement of a clear protector patch. JodyJazz will be shipping the new HH Tenor mouthpiece with one of their Perfect Patch mouthpiece cushions already affixed in the patch bay and then another larger clear patch over the top.

Available Tip Openings

Hand-Hammered HH Tenor Rose Gold Limited Edition Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings:

6* = .095"
7* = .105"
8* = .115"
9* = .125"

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