Stomvi - Titán CINCO Bb/F Double Gold Brass French Horns

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  • Bore: 12,1 mm / 0.476"
  • Bell diameter: 309 mm / 12 1/6
  • 6 way Kruspe system
  • Leadpipe material: Gold brass
  • Body material: Yellow brass
  • Bell material: Gold brass
  • Tubes material: Nickel Silver
  • Valve casings: Yellow brass
  • Solid valves
  • Adjustable finger hook

The Gold brass bell produces a round and balanced sound, with a good projection. It would be the middle ground between Bellflex and copper.


After more than 30 years producing Brass instruments, mainly trumpets and trombones, Stomvi becomes a leader in the manufacture of professional French Horns of excellent quality. 

The Research and Development Department led by Vicente Honorato, decided to research, develop, manufacture and bring to market a double French horn very different to what has happened throughout the history of the manufacture of this spectacular musical instrument. 

The Stomvi Titan French Horns are simply different in their primary concepts: elegance, finish, accuracy and design. In other words, a jewel unequaled in the market. 

But all this would not work if it were not because it is genuine in its timbre and sonority, offering unrivaled performance and incomparable to any other product with similar characteristics. 

The professionals should let themselves be carried away by the magnificence and generosity of its sound, leaving behind all sorts of taboos.

The curvature of the tubes typical in the Kruspe style French horns, offers certain resistance that provides the player with more accuracy, especially in the pianos, having also a more brassy sound, although never too much, thanks to the 12,10 bore.

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