Yamaha - YEP-842S - Custom Euphonium

YEP-842S Custom Euphonium boasts a radical new design that combines all the majesty of the past with the wonders of modern technology. It has won instant acceptance by every player fortunate enough to have tried it, including some of the world's greatest masters. This is an instrument that has begun to redefine the very meaning of the word "Euphonium." It's the start of a new tradition.

Please refer to table below for specs



The 842S features a completely new leadpipe design for immediate and comfortable response.

Bottom bow

The bottom bow has a longer, wider bow guard for a broader dynamic range and improved tonal projection.

Hand rest

The shape and positioning of the hand rest gives players a comfortable playing position, while Yamaha's unique moisture trap captures any condensation or oil which leaves the bottom valve cap.

Top bow

The top bow features a newly designed bow guard which not only protects the instrument, but adds definition and clarity to the sound.



Model YEP-842S
Key Bb
Bell Material Yellow brass
Bell Diameter 300mm (11 4/5")
Bore Size 15-16.8mm (0.591-0.661")
Height 664mm
Valves 3 top + 1 side, compensating
Finish Silver-plated with gold-plated trim
Mouthpiece EP-53DL
Case Included

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