Selmer Paris - Model 26 Eb Contralto Clarinet

26 E-flat Contralto Clarinet. Silver plated Keys (AO).

This clarinet draws on all the charms of its superbly smooth, deep register, which gives it exceptional range.

Included: Standard C* E-flat Contralto Clarinet Mouthpiece Silver plated, E-flat Contralto Clarinet Light Case, Adjustable stand.


Key: E-flat
Bore diameter: 24.3mm
Pitch: 442
Range: down to low Eb
System: Boehm 18 keys/7 rings
Articulated G#
Eb lever
Automatic octave key
Silver plated neck, adjustable for tuning
Rosewood body from Rio
Silver plated brass bell
Adjustable stand
Silver plated keywork
Leather pads with metal resonators
Stainless steel needle springs

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