Stomvi - Titán 4-Valve Flugelhorn

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  • Bore: M
  • Bell: #36 (copper)
  • Bell diameter: 154 mm
  • Leadpipe: #3 & #5
  • 4th Valve Slide F/E
  • Trigger on 1st Slide
  • Titanium trim kit


It is obvious that the musical scene of wind has evolved considerably in the last decades: more exigent compositions, more extensive registers, more intense sounds, etc. All this has contributed to wonder ourselves in Stomvi: What has happened with the technical development of the instrument? Has it been parallel?

In Stomvi, we have always been at the vanguard of the technical development of brass wind musical instruments and we have wanted to go further with a unique range of instruments: TITÁN FOUR VALVE EDITION.

TITÁN FOUR VALVE EDITION is a new vision of the concept of sound which makes wider the useful register of the trumpet with new solutions on fingering, tuning, transport, taking the concept of sound to another dimension and allowing to tackle repertoires that have been vetoed for this instrument up to now.

With TITÁN FOUR VALVE EDITION we are revolutionising the musical space of the trumpet. The traditional repertoire acquires a new sound dimension and in the new compositions, it goes beyond, breaking totally the technical and interpretative boundaries.

A genuine integral evolution of the trumpet, its sound and the way of understanding music as a unique language, placing excellence and perfection within reach of your hand.

The fourth valve enlarges the low register of the flugelhorn and provides magnitude and density to the sound.

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