Playwood - Chime Hammer

Different types of heads on Maple Shafts

CH-O: clear and bright oak wood

CH-A: acetal wood with a round, thick and warm tone

CH-C: Laminated Birch with a hard, hammered tone

CH-1: Suitable for playing large chimes with a thick, solid sound

CH-2: Suitable for playing fine rhythms and small pipe-sized chimes, and is also suitable for roll playing. Comes with felt for the tapered side

  • CH-1O (1 piece)
    • 285 x 45(D), Oak Head
  • CH-2O (1 pair)
    • 285 x 35+20(D), Oak Head
  • CH-1A  (1 piece)
    • 285 x 42(D), Acetal Head
  • CH-2A  (1 pair)
    • 285 x 35+20(D), Acetal Head
  • CH-1C  (1 piece)
    • 285 x 42(D), Laminated Birch Head

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