Playnick - Puccini Bb/A Clarinet Mouthpiece

Made with highest-quality class AA natural hard rubber out of a rod. Additionally we have added a sound-optimized structure in our rods to make the raw material resonating at its best for the classical and romantic sound picture. Our material is food safe and it is 100% pure hard rubber.

Three models are available; the Puccini, Verdi, and Nommos. 


For the French clarinet, most beautiful sound for symphonic work and romantic music, works with all standard French reed brands, closer facing of 1.20mm with a natural resistance for dark and warm classical sound.


For the French clarinet, shorter facing length with 1.26mm opening, quicker response, less resistance than Puccini, therefore a bit more freedom in sound.

Nommos B2

For the French clarinet, closer facing about 1.15mm, especially made for Ambipoly reeds but plays as well with cane reeds. The mouthpiece has  a bit more resistance with smaller tip rails.

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