Griego - Brian Hecht Audition Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

The Audition Model mouthpiece was developed over the course of 14 years of auditioning for professional orchestras. I needed a mouthpiece that was designed to deliver my performance into the laps of the committee with impeccable sound, articulations, and slotting of pitch. This mouthpiece makes my fundamentals rock solid and has a singular goal of making my performance check all the boxes. It produces a clear, direct, vibrant sound that can travel to the back of any concert hall with clarity and precision. Nothing in my playing will be lost or muddied by the long ring times of these large concert venues.


Audition Model 0

  • Cup Diameter: 1.160”
  • Throat: .312

Audition Model 1

  • Cup Diameter: 1.100”
  • Throat: .312”

Audition Model 1.25

  • Cup Diameter: 1.0825"
  • Throat: .312”

Audition Model 1.5

  • Cup Diameter: 1.065”
  • Throat: .312”

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