Barkley - Pop Kustom 7 Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

Recommended for Funk, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz and Rock.

Designed with a Step Baffle, which is a high ramp-shaped deflector that accentuating the acute frequencies and large chamber, a big bore that generates a gain in the bass frequencies.

The Pop Kustom is a balanced mouthpiece because it is designed to accentuate the treble but always keeping a good dose of bass so that the sound is always homogeneous, thus enabling a great control in the entire length of the instrument, both in the upper register and the bass, with a lot of resonance.


Material: Fiber Resin
Colours: Black, Red & Black, Blue & Black, Gold & Black, White & Black
Finished by hand
Ligature: Not included (Barkley Pasta Clamp recommended)
- Alto #7 (2.20mm/0.86")
- Alto #8 (2.30mm/0.90")

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