Denis Wick - Steven Mead Baritone Mouthpieces

Wick baritone mouthpieces have precise design features that result in excellent tone, comfort and all-around performance.


Excellent endurance and a big, full sound.
Cup diameter: 26.00mm.
Rim width: 6.72mm.
Throat: 7.38mm.
Backbore: Medium.


Cup diameter: 26.00mm.
Rim width: 6.3mm.
Throat: 7.4mm.
Backbore: V-Type.


Cup diameter (mm): 25.75
Rim width (mm): 6.3
Bore (mm): 7.4
Backbore: V-Type


Perfect for brass band. Slightly narrower rim for added clarity.
Cup diameter: 25.40mm.
Rim width: 6.2mm.
Throat: 7.1mm.
Backbore: Medium.


Cup diameter (mm): 25.4
Rim width (mm): 6.3
Bore (mm): 6.66
Backbore: V-Type


Excellent high register, projection and clarity.
Cup diameter: 25.00mm.
Rim width: 6.35mm.
Throat: 6.66mm.
Backbore: V-Type.

      Shipping specs

      Weight: 0.14 kg
      Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 11 cm

      About Denis Wick mouthpieces

      The first Denis Wick mouthpieces were made in 1968, and range has grown so much, that it is now one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world. They are famous for their wonderful sound and brilliant designs, and are produced to the highest technical specifications.

      Special attention is paid to the rims, which are both comfortable and consistent. Special techniques are used to produce beautiful and extremely hard-wearing silver and gold plating. Many mouthpieces are available in Heritage and Heavytop formats as well as in the Classic shape.

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