Yamaha - YHR-882 - Handmade Custom Double Descant French Horn

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The Custom 881/882 provide the note security and tonal clarity of a descant horn, yet are capable of producing the big warm sound of an orchestral instrument. They feature accurate pitch, even response, and enough tonal flexibility to play anything from delicate Baroque solos to full-bore Romantic compositions.

The unparalleled comfort and sound quality of these handmade horns is made possible by their innovative “long rotor” valve and unique tubing configuration.

The 881 is a Bb/high F double descant horn with an A/plus stop valve. The 882 is the same with an additional F natural valve to give more body to the tone in the low register.


Model YHR-881 YHR-882
Key Bb (A+)/high F Bb (A+, FN)/high F
Body Yellow brass (Gold brass, nickel silver available) Yellow brass (Gold brass, nickel silver available)
Bell Size MS (ML available) MS (ML available)
Bell Type Fixed (Detachable available) Fixed (Detachable available)
Bore Size 12mm (0.472") 12mm (0.472")
Valves 5 6
Valve Rotors Solid (Hollow available) Solid (Hollow available)
Lever Action Mechanical (String available) Mechanical (String available)
Finish Unlacquer (Lacquer available) Unlacquer (Lacquer available)
Mouthpiece HR-30C4 HR-30C4
Case Included Included

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