Trevor James - EVO Soprano Saxophone

The next step up towards the world of Intermediate saxophones

A new model for 2019, derived from the SR range, this soprano is designed as the stepping stone between your student saxophone into your intermediate saxophone.

In keeping with the qualities that we pride ourselves on over the years of making musical instruments, this saxophone is built in our bespoke factories with the best quality materials available and then quality-checked by our UK technicians before making its way to the retailer.

The one-piece design allows for a cleaner, more focused response from the instrument, with no breaks to cause any air flow interference, some players prefer this type of instrument due to this nature. With a larger bore on this saxophone, you will find the sound is very rounded, yet broad.

Key Features

Quiet mechanism – A slick, smooth and quiet design to allow the player to get around the instrument quickly and quietly.
Refined design – The mechanisms and overall design have been tweaked and adjusted to a level where the instrument is fluent in every aspect.
Durable design – Built on the post to body design allowing the instrument to reverberate efficiently, but keeping the rigidness at a high level without compensating weight.
Low C# to B slider and regulator – allowing for a smooth transition between low C# and B.
Tear design front F – A more comfortable to operate design allowing for quickness between notes


  • Key: B-flat
  • Finish: Gold Lacquer
  • Range: Bb3 to F#6(Concert: Ab3 to E6)
  • Thumb Rests: Plastic upper, metal adjustable lower – So your hand can fit comfortably
  • Springs: Blue steel needle springs – Allowing for a smoother action
  • Touch pieces: Plastic concave
  • Pads: Leather
  • Reflectors: Metal – Allowing for a clear, brighter response and easier air flow throughout the instrument
  • Engraving: Floral on the bell
  • Mouthpiece: TJ Plastic Mouthpiece – Something to use straight out the box
  • Ligature: Metal 2-Screw – Traditional design ligature holding the reed securely to the mouthpiece. Complete with a cap.
  • Accessories: Reeds, Comfortable Neck Sling, Polishing Cloth
  • Case: Rectangular padded deluxe case with single padded backpack straps, side pocket and side strap
  • Weight: 1.24 kg

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