Silverstein - ALTA Ambipoly Alto Saxophone Jazz Reeds

The Next Generation Concert Reed

  • Concert grade reed with immediate response and clarity
  • Rich harmonics over full dynamic range
  • Perfect and clear altissimo

Just Like a Cane Reed

Wets like cane

  • The reed absorbs moisture. It plays without wetting but gets better after 3 minutes of wetting.

Feels like cane

  • You will not feel much of strange ‘plastic’.

Plays like cane

  • The reed breaks in during the first 30 minutes like cane reeds. In this process, internal structure of the reed will realign to your mouthpiece and your embouchure. The break-in is only for the first time of use.

Sounds like cane

  • ALTA AMBIPOLY reeds generate very similar harmonics and tones to concert grade cane reeds.

Consistent, Consistent

  • ALTA AMBIPOLY reeds are made with precision chemical engineering which provides strong consistency among all reeds.
  • It is very strong against climate variation.

Hand adjustable

  • Like cane reeds, you can adjust ALTA AMBIPOLY reeds with a reed knife or sandpaper. It can be customized as required.

Longer life

  • The reed does not degrade over the course of use. It never generates any ‘micro crack’ and never frays.

Made with Food grade Eco-friendly material

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