Selmer Paris - Model 54 Reference Tenor Saxophone (Gold Lacquer)

“Reference” is a new Selmer Paris concept which combines acoustic or ergonomic characteristics of several famous previous Selmer Paris models with the qualities of today’s top design and manufacture.

The “Reference” series currently proposes two tenor saxophone versions:
“Reference 36” and “Reference 54”.

Each model has a specific tone colour:

  • the “Reference 36” features a rich, open tone, in the tradition of “Balanced Action” first released in 1936.
  • The more centred “Reference 54” incorporates the famous “Mark VI” design, which came out in 1954.
  • Gold Lacquer Engraved (GG)
  • Lacquer "Antiqued" (PAO)


Key: B-flat.
Range: high F sharp.
Thumb rest: adjustable, in metal.
Leather pads, plastic booster. 

Comes with B-flat Tenor Saxophone Reference Case

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