Monette - Prana Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces

The TT4 S1 is similar to our TT5 S1 mouthpiece, but in a slightly larger rim diameter. Our TT4 S1 compares to the 4G size, and is popular with orchestral and symphonic players. It is a great mouthpiece for anyone looking for faster response and cleaner articulation while still playing a larger orchestral mouthpiece. The TT4 S1 is also available with a larger throat size (TT4L S1).

Model TT5 S1 Our original symphonic tenor trombone mouthpiece, designed for players who use a 5G-size mouthpiece. Also available is the TT5L S1, which has a larger throat and back-bore than the TT5 S1. The TT5L S1 is great for players with a truly open and aligned approach to playing who are looking for the greatest projection and the most ease in response.

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