Monette - Prana Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

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The BT 1 compares to the common 60 size, and it is great for bass trombone players looking for a huge, broad sound. The rim contour is wider and more comfortable than conventional bass trombone mouthpiece, many of which have very narrow rims. The upper register is surprisingly easy when the player stays open and relaxed! The BT1 is also available as the BT 1L, with an large throat. This first model of Monette orchestral bass trombone mouthpiece was developed for John Englekist, principal bass trombone of the San Francisco Symphony.

The BT 2 is the smaller of our bass trombone rims, and is great for commercial and big band playing. The sound is rich and full, and it is very flexible use in many different playing situations. It’s also popular with orchestral players who prefer a slightly smaller rim diameter, or are looking for a more compact sound. The rim diameter compares the 59 and 1 1/2G sizes.

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