Mike Balter 322B Titanium Hard Vibraphone/Marimba Mallets (Birch)

Mike Balter 322B Titanium Hard Vibraphone/Marimba Mallets (Birch)

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Mike Balter Titanium Series Vibraphone/Marimba Mallets are made to last, constructed from an incredibly durable yarn that can withstand years and years of playing. They're remarkably resistant to water damage as well, making them excellent for front ensembles.

These mallets are designed to get a full characteristic sound out of both the marimba and vibraphone with a minimum of contact noise, which is great if you're playing music that demands quick transitions from one instrument to another - or if you have a limited mallet budget.

Strong, rigid birch shafts are often preferred by players who use the Musser/Stevens grip, providing less flex for more accuracy.

The heads on these mallets are heavy, allowing you to get the most possible sound out of the bars with very little effort. The hard 322 models work especially well in the upper ranges of the keyboard, creating an articulate and clear sound with little effort.

  • Clear Articulation with Little Effort
  • Incredibly Durable Yarn Wrap
  • Minimal Contact Noise
  • Heavy Heads Produce Full Sound
  • Strong, Rigid Birch Shafts
  • Smart Choice for Mallet Budgets