KGE Professional Euro Oboe Reed (Euro)

KGE Professional Euro Oboe Reed (Euro)

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These KGE Premium Oboe reeds were selected for their intonation, articulation, tone and the quality of their finish.  They use the same quality cane as all KGE reeds; the difference with the premium range of reeds is the higher density of the cane which makes the reed more resistant.  Because of this, these reeds deserve a good soak to get them started and do require some playing in.  A popular, long lasting and stable reed.

Technical Specifications

Style Wired, European Style
Staple Length 47 mm
Shape Original
Length 72 mm

About KGE Reeds?

In 1988 Ke-Xun began selling reeds to Howarth to support his oboe studies.  In 1989 Ke-Xun moved to Australia, and while continuing his oboe studies, he taught oboe reed making at the Queensland Conservatory of Music.  Eventually the demand for Ke-Xun's reeds increased dramatically and he decided to become a full time oboe reed maker.

It has been previously accepted that hand-made reeds are better quality than those made by machine, however, since Ke-Xun has developed his method he is now challenging this view.  Ke-Xun is now certain that his machine made reeds are a superior quality with greater accuracy and consistency than his own hand-made reeds.  His method is based on lengthy research and his experience as an oboist, reed maker and now also as an engineer.