Jody Jazz - Hand-Hammered POWER RING®️ Ligature

To accompany the new Limited Edition Rose Gold Hand-Hammered Tenor mouthpiece, we are now offering a matching POWER RING which is also Hand-Hammered and finished in a beautiful Rose Gold plate. The Hand-Hammered Tenor mouthpiece and POWER RING in Rose Gold together make for one of the most stunning looking setups that we offer.

The HRT1HHRG POWER RING is our HRT1 POWER RING which has been Hand-Hammered and finished in Rose Gold. In addition to fitting the new Hand-Hammered Tenor model, the new HRT1HHRG POWER RING will also fit the HR* Tenors, HR* CUSTOM DARK Tenors, JET Tenors and GIANT Tenors.

The Hand-Hammered POWER RING comes with elegant Black Leather Cap.

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