Hetman - #6.5 Light Slide Lubricant (Tuning Slide Gel)

Hetman Slide Grease Lubricants are designed for tuning slides and valve slides that are normally maintained in position once adjusted. The choice of four unique, nontoxic products allows for smooth, air-tight performance of both tight and loose fitting slides:


7. SLIDE GEL - This special tuning slide lubricant provides long-lasting seal and firm slide motion. A premium, hi-viscosity product that will not bunch-up in the ends of slide tubes. Adhesive formulation protects slides against corrosion and wear. See USG No. 9 for additional application.

8. TUNING SLIDE GREASE - A long-lasting slide lubricant of heavier consistency, this premium slide grease keeps slides airtight and moving smoothly. Packaged in 10 cc jars.

9. ULTRA SLIDE GREASE - A unique slide grease of extra-heavy consistency designed primarily for instruments with loose fitting slides. Perfect alternative for vintage instruments with corroded slide tubes that run the risk of splitting or cracking when being expanded. This tacky grease keeps slides in place and airtight. Resists breakdown. May be used together with Slide-Gel™ to obtain the desired "feel" or "pull" of one's slides. Packaged in 10cc jars.

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