Hetman - #20 Hydro-Slide Trombone Slide Spray

Hetman® Lubricants offers a unique water-soluble spray concentrate, and applicator for trombone slides. Hydro-Slide™ concentrate is formulated to be mixed with water in various concentrations thereby accommodating the particular characteristics of the artist's trombone slide.

20. HYDRO-SLIDEâ„¢ - slide spray concentrate and applicator for trombones. When added to water, Hydro-Slideâ„¢ forms an extraordinary lubricating fluid. It is designed to be used with or without slide cream to for an unusually smooth slide action. Follow the directions on the Hydro-Slideâ„¢ applicator bottle. Fill the applicator bottle with water to the "water line" then add Hydro-Slideâ„¢ concentrate to the desired level (1:40, 1:20 or 1:10). Mix thoroughly and spray on the trombone slide as needed.

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