Black Swamp - Wrap Around Style Snare Cables

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Wrap-Around models span the diameter of the drum and pass over the bearing edge, and require a snare bed in the bottom bearing edge in order to function properly. Our cable snares are custom made and utilize a slim design that slips easliy through even the smallest snare gates. Overall length of snare unit is 16.5 inches / 420 mm. Size of the snare end is 1 x .5 inches.

Blue coated stainless cable produces a darker timbre than uncoated and replicates the sound of traditional gut.

Uncoated/Blue combination snares are a top seller due to their versatility in making just about any drum sound great.

Our gold coated stainless snares are made with a proprietary cable wind and coating to replicate the sound of vintage Hinger snares.

Uncoated stainless produces a brighter sound than coated cable, but is drier than traditional snappy (coil) snares. 

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