Black Swamp - Double Row Calf Head Tambourines

The SoundArt Series tambourines reinvented and revived the true orchestral tambourine sound by returning to the superior tone that is produced only with a steam-bent, single ply shell. Our shell is complemented by jingles made from tonally rich metal alloys and quality calfskin to create the de facto standard of tambourines throughout the world.

The core of our SoundArt Series™ tambourines is a solid, steambent Ash shell. We use skilled hand craftsmanship and precise, advanced machinery to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Our rigorous quality standards and superior quality lumber means that we don't have to hide anything. Every SoundArt Series tambourine ever produced has been made with a single ply Ash shell. No compromises - ever.  

Our jingles are hammered in such a way to produce a full sonority while balancing different characteristics such as attack, tessitura, sustain, projection, and tone. For example, some jingle types emphasize bite, while others emphasize ring. See the timbre chart and listen to the sound samples below to find your sound.

All SoundArt tambourines are available with either premium translucent calfskin, or Remo Renaissance synthetic heads. Calf is the true traditional skin of choice for tambourines, and the synthetic offers more resistance to pitch changes while still producing a professional sound.

The TC1 is a Chromium/Bronze jingle mix. This is one of our most popular tambourines, prized for its crunchy bite, full sonority, and excellent projection.

The TC2 is a Chromium/Silver jingle mix. While still more on the crunch side, the German Silver (in place of the Phosphor Bronze) has a higher tessitura.

TD1 Chromium 25™ is very bright, cutting, articulate, and crunchy. As the tambourine is "played in," it will be an extremely articulate sound that is surprisingly full bodied. 

The TD2 is a dark sound that will become more wet (aka ring longer) over time.  It has a ringing quality that produces beautiful rolls.

TD3 German Silver (aka nickel silver), has been used in musical instruments for centuries. It has a musical ringing quality that is bright and pure.

TD4 Beryllium Copper jingles have a complex sonority that is a nice balance between lushness and zing.

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