Black Swamp - 6" and 8" Concert Toms Set w/ Stand

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We designed our concert toms from the ground up asconcert toms. The discriminating performer knows that the requirements of concert toms are different than that of a set of drumset toms. Our shell design functions to balance a full bodied sound and acoustic articulation within large and small performance spaces. 

We designed these toms specifically to serve the unique needs of the concert percussionist. Concert toms are primarily used in acoustic situations, and due to the types of patterns that are typically played on them, the best type of instrument will produce a sound that blends articulation with a full-bodied sound. Black Swamp Concert Toms achieve this balance by combining a number of design elements:

  • 5 ply Maple shells for a blend of sustain and articulation

  • Custom bearing edges for a warm, musical sound

  • Arch2 lugs and REMO® Ambassador heads(coated top/clear bottom)

  • Isolation mount system

  • Available in Satin Concert Black Stain and Figured Anigre veneer

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