Black Swamp - 5" x 14" Concert Maple Snare Drum (Concert Black)

The Concert Maple series embodies all the quality you expect from BSP at an entry level price. This drum is perfect for the percussionist or school that wants an excellent sounding concert drum that arrives tuned and ready to play. As with all our drums, this drum is made in the USA by musicians who know you expect quality and value.

The die-cast throwoff is durable and reliable for years of trouble-free use. We make our own cable snares, then mount them at a slight angle which increases the dynamic response range. This balances the ability of the drum to speak fully at loud dynamics, while still being able to whisper when the music calls for more sensitivity.

The 7-ply maple shell is the same one we use on our Multisonic and SoundArt drums - no sacrifice is made with the heart of the drum's sound. The distinctive Arch2 die-cast lugs feature self-aligning tension rod receivers for smooth, flawless tuning.

Concert Maple drums are available in a satin Cherry Rosewood or Concert Black finish. The satin finish makes it easy to care for and doesn't attract fingerprints. And with all our drums, each one is tuned, tweaked, and tested by a professional percussionist before it leaves the factory.

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