Black Swamp - 3.5" x 13" 7-Ply Maple Mercury Series Snare Drum

The Mercury Series drums are designed for the ultimate in clarity and articulation. While these drums are excellent for the audition circuit, they are also versatile enough to find regular use on the snare stand. Trust the snare drum experts at BSP to craft you a drum that will serve you throughout your playing career.

The Mercury 3.5" x 13" drum is a professional grade piccolo and audition drum that can be used for much more than an audition. The Mini Trio Snare System gives you the same control over timbre and response as our SoundArt System.

  • 3.5" x 13" - with Mini Trio System (shown on drum)

  • Clear Maple, Concert Black, or Cherry Rosewood Finish

  • Die-cast Hoops, Tube Lugs, Stainless Steel Tension Rods

  • REMO® M5 Drumhead

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