Barkley - Vintage ZZ 5 Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

Recommended for old vintage sound and traditional jazz.

As the name says the Vintage ZZ is a mouthpiece with features of old, darker and focused sounds.

But with the materials and forms of manufacture that we use make this mouthpiece balance between the old and the modern. Made of Fiber Resin and Ebony makes this mouthpiece have a subtle touch of wood in their harmonics, projection and volume in the right measure.

Designed with its Straight Baffle it allows a firm sound and with great projection focus. Its horseshoe-shaped chamber generates both more severe harmonics with accentuations in the medium, and this is the great differential for the versatility of this mouthpiece.


Material: Fiber Resin + Ebony Powder (ecoline)
Finish: White with ebony powder
Finished by hand
Ligature: Not included; Barkley dough clamp recommended
Sizes: Alto #5 (1.90mm/0.75")

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