Barkley - Malbec 8 Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

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Recommended for Funk, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz and Rock

The Malbec metal mouthpiece is designed with the Step Baffle, a high baffle that provides high intensity high frequencies and a mid chamber that translates to accurately bass frequencies in the serious media/regions and has the presence of many harmonics resulting from its rod (spike) to have a thicker thickness than most metal mouthpieces.

It is made of metal using CNC (Computer Numeric Control), a technology that provides precise finishing and measurements and unparalleled sound. It is finished by hand for balanced, accurate and complete answers.


Material: Brass
Finish: Gold or Silver Plated
Finished by hand
Ligature: Included, with leather strap and metal resonator with cap
- Alto #7 (2.20mm/0.86")
- Alto #8 (2.30mm/0.90")

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