Theo Wanne - LAKSHMI 7* Limited Edition Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece (Hard Rubber)

Delectably warm yet optimized for modern players, Theo Wanne's Lakshmi mouthpieces are tailor-made to deliver the trademark tone and feel of a vintage model. Lakshmi mouthpieces strike the perfect balance between bright and dark, making it only natural for Sweetwater's sax players to quickly test them toe-to-toe with their favorite vintage mouthpieces. The result? Incredible sonic richness that's dark in tone with great focus, a telltale sign of a high-quality vintage original. If you're looking for a mouthpiece that pairs vintage sound with modern reliability, you'll want to go with a Theo Wanne Lakshmi mouthpiece.

This limited-edition hard-rubber version of the metal Lakshmi offers a new take on the popular mouthpiece from Theo Wanne. By using hard rubber, and medium-large tone chambers, this Lakshimi offers a mouth-watering vintage tonal quality with a touch more warmth that's reminiscent of the vintage Dukoff Hollywood and Otto Link mouthpieces. The tone is husky and forward, with a full-bodied sound.


  • Instrument:Tenor Saxophone
  • Material:Brass
  • Finish:Gold-plated
  • Tip Opening:Size 7*, 0.105"
  • Ligature:Gold-plated Liberty Ligature
  • Cap:Reed Replacer Cap
  • Additional Features:Large Chamber, Rollover Baffle
  • Manufacturer Part Number:LAK-TR7S

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