Yamaha - SB3X - Silent Brass Pickup Mute and Personal Studio for French Horn (with Brass Resonance Modeling)

You want to play when and as you like, without being confined to time or place… Yamaha’s next generation SILENT Brass™ makes it happen. The new SILENT Brass™ consists of a smaller, lighter, freer blowing Pickup Mute™, and the Personal Studio™, which features Yamaha’s exclusive Brass Resonance Modeling™. Used together, the two deliver the natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute, making it feel as though you are playing mute free.

Please refer to table below for specs



The Pickup Mute combines a high-performance mute with an internal microphone to pickup sound. Significantly smaller and lighter than previous versions, the mute offers superior muting performance, delivers excellent intonation over a wide pitch range, and natural playability. A new compact design now lets you put your instrument in its case with the mute in the bell.

*Please note that the Pickup Mute may not fit some instruments with significantly different bell shapes or bell diameters. Please check before purchasing. 

Lightweight and compact

The new SILENT Brass Pickup Mute is designed to be significantly smaller and lighter than previous models to improve the balance when playing, yet it offers approximately the same muting efficiency along with stable pitch over a wide range and unrestricted breath flow.

Adjustable pitch and playing feel

An adjustable rod allows the position of the mute head to be raised or lowered inside the bell while playing. This gives you the ability to customize the feel and the pitch to find the perfect fit for your own instrument and playing style. In addition, this allows the mute to be adjusted for a wide range of bell sizes.

Disassemble to compact size

The disassembled mute body halves can be stacked for compact storage.

*Do not stand the instrument on its bell when the mute is installed.


The SILENT Brass features this unique Yamaha technology which uses the modeling of non-muted brass instruments to correct your instrument’s tone when the Pickup Mute is in place. The resulting sound is so realistic, it’s hard to tell whether or not the instrument is muted.


By connecting to portable audio players or smart phones with audio playback capability, you can play along with your favorite tunes or practice with popular "minus-one" backing tracks.

*Stereo mini-to-mini cable sold separately.


Model SB3X
Model PM3X (for French Horn)
Dimensions 129 × 216mm (5-1/16" x 8-1/2")
Weight 195g (6.9 oz.)
Internal microphone Mini phone jack
Nominal level -25dB~-35dB
Brass Resonance Modeling Yes
Model STX-2
Dimensions 70 x 20 x 98mm
Weight 71g (2.5 oz) without batteries
Jacks and terminals MUTE IN, AUX IN, PHONES
Control VOL. (volume), Reverb type, Power ON/OFF
Brass Resonance Modeling Yes (It behaves correctly only when compatible Pickup Muteâ„¢ is connected to Personal Studioâ„¢.)
Power supply AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride batteries x 2 (3V DC)
Accessories included Cable, Stereo Earphones, Owner’s Manual

Please Note

  • In some cases, the Pickup Muteâ„¢ may not fit instruments that have significantly different bell diameters and/or shapes. Please check before purchasing.
  • The Pickup Muteâ„¢ is not compatible with Marching Mellophones, Marching French Horns, Alto (Tenor) Horns, or Baritones.
  • The SILENT Brassâ„¢ mute for Trombone (SB5X) and the Pickup Muteâ„¢ (PM5X) are not compatible with Alto Trombones or Bass Trombones.
  • The SILENT Brassâ„¢ mutes for Flugelhorn (SB6X) and the Pickup Mute (PM6X) protrudes 3-4 cm from the bell.
  • The Pickup Muteâ„¢ cannot be stored in the cases of French Horns with detachable bells.
  • For information on compatibility with Yamaha brass instruments and cases please refer to the "Compatibility Table".
  • Always remove the Pickup Muteâ„¢ from the instrument if the instrument is to be stored for an extended period of time.
  • The PHONES jack on the Personal Studioâ„¢ STX is for stereo output (do not use it for mono output).
  • Do not connect an earphone with microphone headset or similar device that has a 4-contact plug to the Personal Studioâ„¢. The use of such a device can result in severely degraded balance and sound.
  • Do not connect the PHONE jack to a microphone input jack (or combined mic/line input) on a computer, etc., that also supplies power to the connected device (plug-in power).
  • If you want to use the jack as an external output, do not connect anything to the AUX IN jack.
  • Please note that Brass Resonance Modelingâ„¢ is only available when the STX Personal Studioâ„¢ is combined with a PM3X/5X/6X/7X Pickup Muteâ„¢. It is not available with any other Personal Studioâ„¢ or Pickup Muteâ„¢ models.
  • AA batteries are not supplied. Please purchase separately.
  • SILENT Brassâ„¢, Personal Studioâ„¢, Pickup Muteâ„¢, Brass Resonance Modelingâ„¢, and SILENT Brassâ„¢ logo are all trademarks owned by the Yamaha Corporation.

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