Low Brass Christmas Singapore 2015

You have seen videos of Choirs and Orchestras spontaneously performing in malls and public places, but have you experienced dozens of Low Brass instruments performing all at once?

If you haven’t, come join us as Music Elements brings the Low Brass spirit and Christmas cheer to everyone at the Paragon! Enjoy listening to your favourite Christmas tunes and even sing along with us as we celebrate this festive period with the time-honoured tradition of heralding Christmas with Brass instruments.

Let the Tubas and Euphoniums bring the warmth and fuzziness of your Christmas memories back this season, while the Trombones jazz and brighten up the mood as the music entertains you whether you are craving for nostalgia or simply shopping for gifts for your loved ones. Kids will be amazed at the size and brightness of so many Brass instruments on display; this is surely a spectacle not to be missed!

Its the season to be brassy jolly again! If you play either the trombone, euphonium, tuba or any of their variations, come jam with us at this festive event regardless of your age, experience and proficiency.

This is all you need to do:

1) Download & fill in the registration form and email it to aaron@musicelements.com.sg to confirm your participation

Download Link: http://tinyurl.com/oyydrhm

2) Check your email for the sheet music that will sent to you by 30th Nov.

3) Bring your own instrument and music stand on 12th Dec to The Paragon, Atrium 2 and indulge yourself in some fun low brass christmas jamming session.

Sound check & set-up for participants will begin at 5PM. There will be a storage area to house your instruments cases. We are indeed thankful to The Paragon for providing the wonderful space and opportunity for this meaningful event.

Share this event and help us and yourself set a record!

Feel free to email Aaron at aaron@musicelements.com.sg or drop us a msg on Facebook if you have any query. See you there!

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